Empowering South African businesses to make a difference 

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Umthelela is a black-owned, social impact fund manager providing South African businesses with authentic broad-based empowerment, whilst delivering sustainable social impact through a pre-qualified network of deserving NGO's.

Umthelela helps Your business become empowered, sustainably


Many untransformed white-owned businesses face business continuity risk if they don’t transform ownership and management. 

Our fund provides target companies (typically majority white-owned) with authentic broad-based empowerment facilitating sustainable value creation for all stakeholders involved.

Investing FOR Social impact

Ownership requires capital for an investor to buy into equity. NPOs don’t readily have access to such capital resulting largely in their exclusion from empowerment transactions.

Our fund provides material economic upside for pre-qualified broad-based NPOs, without exposing them to risk.

Transformed fund management

The asset management industry in South Africa remains largely untransformed. 

We're a majority black-owned and controlled fund manager, helping to broaden and rebalance the make-up of the South African asset management industry.



Our model is built using a traditional fund management structure, aligning our interests with yours.

Share Swap Simplicity

A straightforward share exchange between your company and our fund. No funding required to facilitate the transaction.


We can achieve B-BBEE compliance for your company in about 30 days.

focussed growth

We take care of your B-BBEE compliance, enabling you to concentrate on business growth.


Options to reverse the share swap are available if required.

community impact

Our SocialCauses Impact Fund aids accredited NGOs that support broad-based black beneficiaries.

Vuyani Lingela, CEO


2nd Floor Hout Street Studios

37 Hout Street

Cape Town 8001

South Africa